CU! 2018 – All Change – The Final Countdown!

We are now less than a week away from the start of CU!2018 – it’s very exciting!!

Once again our awesome Crew are putting the final preparations in place for what is looking like being another awesome year at CU!

It is “All Change” this year as we are moving “up north” to Lancaster – but it’s still the same awesome holiday – just with a different view!

We will be updating our website during the week – so if you do want to keep up to date with how things are going or to support us through prayer do watch this space! These updates will also automatically get published to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We are really forward to CU!2018!! We can’t wait to meet the CU!2018 Cast and see what God has in store for us this year.

Brief point for prayer

  1. Final Preparations – A LOT of detailed planning goes into CU! – Please pray for the Crew completing those tasks this week to make sure all of the right details are in place
  2. Coordination – We work with lots of other people and organisations to make sure CU! happens – prayer for all of those relationships would be great. As time runs short and people with “normal” jobs go on holiday things can get a bit stressful!
  3. Travel – For some of the Cast and Crew getting to and from Lancaster presents more of a challenge than previous years in Rendcomb! Protection and safety for those traveling to CU! would be great. Extra prayers for those traveling by train as the rail network seems to be slightly suffering at the moment !!
  4. Hearts and Minds – Most importantly we want people to meet with God during the week. Please pray for the Cast and Crew heading to CU! that God will prepare our hearts and minds to be ready and open for whatever he needs us to hear and do during the week.

Thanks for your support.