Theme Night – Disney Pixar

Day 3 saw the 1st of our theme nights – chosen by the CU!2011 Cast “Disney/Pixar” theme night.

It was a fun and some of the costumes that the Cast and Crew really awesome!

We started off with a Quiz to test the teams knowledge of Disney/Pixar – Questions were provided by this years Crew – some were very tricky!!

We the set the Cast a mini challenge – to act out a randomly picked film in the style of a specific film style – eg    Cinderella in the style of a “Gangster” film … They were expertly judged by our “Disney Factor” panel of judges!

The results were awesome – the only problem was that we forgot to bring the camera so we don’t have them on video …

Anyway here are a few pictures from the night to give you a flavour of what we got up too.