LIVE @ Curtains Up! 2011 – 1st tracks released !!!

The sung worship in the evening meeting is a very special time @ CU! 

We are really blessed to have a really great group of Crew leading us through the sung worship. When that combines with the rest of our Cast and Crew and WAYYY more importantly with God – it is a truly wonderful experience.

As you may already be aware – we are trying something new this year – as an experiment we recorded some of the evening meetings. We are now in the process of taking those recording and making them sound as good as we can. They will never sound as good as a “studio” album – but considering what they are -we are really really chuffed with them and we think they really capture the feel of the sung worship @ CU!

For more information head over to CU!Backstage to find out how to get hold of them ….

Unfortunately our licence for the music at CU! means we cant generally release these tracks … sorry …