Day 2 – going well!

Hello again from the very patchy mobile signal place we are currently calling home!  From what I can tell from here only one of the pictures got attached to yesterday’s post – will have to correct that when we return to the strange land of broadband internet!

Yesterday evening saw Adam Alex and Kate lead an excellent evening meeting starting to explore our theme this week “No Compromise”. There was a supprise mugging of one of the crew part way through the meeting – but that was ok as we were looking at the story of the Good Samaritan!

Today the study groups and the workshops have all started running – the Crew are all really encouraged by how well these are already going – thanks for your prayers!

This afternoon we have had our 1st round of optional workshops – the cast had a wide range of to choose from. The fantastic weather and surroundings here certainly made the swimming in the outside pool a VERY good option!

As usual the staff here at Rendcomb are making us feel very welcome – and very full! The food is fantastic!

As I write this Paul and Ellen are putting their final touches to their evening meeting that kicks off tonight at 8pm – “Don’t eat the blackjacks ….  ”

Thanks again for your prayers – we are very aware that the wonderful little bubble that we are currently living in is only possible with the hard work and support of a lot of people – but without God involved NOTHING here would have a purpose or be possible. Specific prayer requests for the moment:
The weather is fantastic at the moment – it would be lovley if this could continue – but if it changes wisdom to best deal with that would be great!
Continued energy and fun for the cart and crew so that they can continue to enjoy the week here.
Help and guidance for those that are struggling – peace through knowing the very real presence of God.
Wisdom for the Crew to best respond to any issues and questions that come out of tonights meeting.

Thanks for taking time to read this and if you are the praying type – we really appreciate those as well!

Depending on the reception I may manage to post a pic or two later