T-6 Days …

This time next week – Curtains Up! 2011 “No Compromise” will have started!

Right now in far flung corners of the UK the Crew are putting together the final details to make sure 2011 is a fantastic year!

Just three weeks ago the Crew all gathered together for a weekend of planning and preparation in the delightful surroundings of .. Swindon …

 It was actually a really great weekend! A great time to get a lot of the planning and preparation in place ready for the start of CU!2011. It was great to catch up with some of the old faces and welcome new ones to our fabulous Crew. It was also really good to be able to spend some quality time together as a crew with God. Each year we aim to run CU! the way He wants it run – we cant do that without spending time listening and learning from Him.

Upon returning to our far flung corners of the UK I suspect a significant proportion of all the worlds email sent daily has been CU!Crew sorting out all the details that they need…!

The Crew are really looking forward to CU!2011 – it being slightly earlier in the summer than it normally is has caught some of us by surprise – yes Crew, as I write this – it really is just 5 more sleeps until we the Crew are on site … But as we get closer the excitement and anticipation of what the week will bring builds!

If you are joining us as Cast this year – then yes its just 6 more sleeps until we will be welcoming you to the wonderful surroundings of Rendcomb and the start of CU!2011

To wet your appetite here is a quick reminder of what we got up to last year:

Points for Prayer

As always – we are very aware that without God we simply cant achieve the fantastic event that is CU! More importantly we shouldn’t try to achieve it by our selves. In these last few frantic days we would really appreciate your prayers:

  • Peace + Wisdom for all the crew as they finish off all the jobs they have to do before we get to site. It can be an incredibly stressful time for the Crew and time looks like its running out especially when unexpected things go wrong at the last minute … Like having to deal with the fact that my house wont have power the day before we leave for CU! ….
  • For the crew during the 24 hours they have on site before the Cast arrive – there isn’t much time to get everything ready so wisdom on how best to use that time would be especially useful
  • Weather – we have really noticed how much the weather effects the whole mood of CU! – as with everything else we would like to ask for the weather that God wants for the week – and the wisdom for how we should best plan and make use of whatever that may be!
  • Safety for the Crew as they travel on Friday
  • Safety for the Cast as they travel on Saturday
Watch this space
We will be updating this page hopefully each day with updates of what we are getting up to and any specific prayer requests – reception is terrible on site and we will only be able to publish via our phones – so apologies in advance if anything looks a bit odd!
If you use twitter – we will also be tweeting throughout the week. Those updates will appear on the main page of this website.
Thanks in advance for your prayers