CU!2020 – was … well an odd year ! Here is how we announced the 1st ever Virtual CU!:

We may not be able to meet up in person this summer for a “normal” CU! but we are delighted to announce that CU! will be running as an online event this summer !!

Even better … IT’S FREE !!

Yep that right the Crew for CU!2020 are currently planning for what will be a quite different, but still really exciting time together this summer!

We are still putting the final details together but we are expecting to include the following:

Daily videos to watch based around the weeks theme . We will release each of these at the start of the day so you can watch it around your daily routine of binge watching for the 3rd (4th?) time round on your favorite tv series!

Daily small group. A chance, later in the afternoon, to chat about the daily video with a your small group. This will probably be based on Zoom. If you prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front then you can keep your camera off for these sessions!

Chill out time! A chance to chill out with the CU!2020 Cast and Crew. Sadly we won’t be able to run the tuck shop during this time like we normally do …. but we are looking to run a variety of activities during a slot in the early evening.

Workshops – obviously these will be very different to a “normal” CU! But the Crew have been coming up with some very creative ideas that we could do together this summer.

The Green Room – throughout the whole event we will be running a dedicated private section on the Green Room (Our closed online forum). this will host other content, ideas, games, discussions etc that you can take part in at any point during the event.

Plus …. Well we have to have some surprises ….

You can sign up to CU!2020 – Mini (Online) Adventure by clicking the button below. Remember it’s FREE !

Please note:

At the time of publishing the Scripture Union website description is not accurate! (We are running for 4 days not 3 and the description is for CU!2020 before we moved online)

To participate in CU!2020 you will need access to a device that you can use Zoom on and access the Green Room.